In addition to the brand work I have done for The Times and The Sunday Times I have also produced a lot of sales promotion pieces. These are given the same amount of love and attention, as there's always an opportunity to create good work somewhere. Here are some of the highlights.

Movie Season

Each year The Sunday Times hosts an outdoor film festival. This year they were screening a host of fan favourites including UP, The Goonies, Goodfellas and more. Rather than just produce a standard ad, I wrote an article as if the events from the movies had actually happened and put the normal ad below. The article I've included here was my favourite and is from that Pixar tear jerker, UP. So, if you fancy a read dig out a magnifying glass and get to it.


Free movie poster

If you couldn't make the movie, it didn't mean you had to miss out entirely, as you could get a classic movie poster from the films featured in the paper. So, for this ad, rather than use new fan-dangled 3D program wizardry, I created a typeface from actual blu-tac.



We're No.1

The Times has been the UK's Newspaper of The Year three years running. So many issues, and such a high standard maintained throughout - seemed obvious.