John has worked for me for the past year as cover for one of my creatives on maternity leave. He is a genuinely creative, hard-working copywriter who can work with equal excellence across any channel, above or below the line. I enjoyed having him around, and always looked forward to his responses to whatever brief he was working on. I cannot highly enough recommend him.

Jonathan Burley - Executive Creative Director, CHI & Partners


Yes, he does have questionable taste when it comes to sunglasses, waistcoats and trousers. But if you can see past that John is a great creative. Although working freelance as maternity cover, he immediately felt like part of the department and like he'd been with us forever. He turned out an impressive volume of work on all kinds of clients, in all kinds of channels. And he did so with charming dry humour. You won't regret hiring John.

Barney Cockerell - Creative Director, CHI & Partners

John has been with us freelancing for 9 months. During that time I have worked with him on a number of Samsung and pitch projects. He's down to earth and not afraid of working late or over the weekend to ensure the best work is produced on time.

Christian Hinchcliffe - Partner, CHI & Partners


John, freelanced with us at CHI & Partners for 9 months and in that time become a valued member of the creative department. John produced a strong body of work in that time across all media channels and under some very short deadlines. He was very quickly able to get a handle on the client requirement which helped, especially with the challenging deadlines. John was always willing to jump in and help even if it meant working late or coming in at the weekend. I wish him all the best and wouldn't hesitate to have him back.

John Hodges - Head of Creative Services, CHI & Partners


John is a hard working conceptual writer who can be relied on to deliver both ideas and professional copy of any length. At Weapon7, he was called upon to write everything from punchy, compelling headlines and CTAs to detailed (yet attention holding) long form copy - for websites, DM packs and integrated campaigns. John also cares about the work he produces and works closely with account teams to ensure the best results.

Jason Cascarina - Creative Director, Weapon7