About me


I'm tall, fairly handsome (or so my mother reassures me) and have a fairly dry sense of humour. I dance like Scarlett Johansson is watching, love spicy food and have questionable taste in clothes and music.

Career wise, well, I've been lucky enough to have been made redundant three times. As a result I've gained a wealth of experience in above the line, digital and integrated agencies.

Most recently I spent 9 months freelancing at CHI & Partners, working on a wide variety of projects for TV, press, digital, DM and experiential. Prior to that I was at Weapon7 where I worked mainly on producing digital and social media campaigns

I class myself as a creative first and foremost and then a copywriter. I have written everything from blogs, to radio and TV, as well as whole websites and brochures for clients as diverse as DHL and Lloyds TSB to Guinness and PlayStation.

Every good copywriter knows to keep it short, so I'll stop here. If you would like a full copy of my CV please get in touch.

T: 07734959094

E: john_aitchison5@hotmail.com